There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish. (2)

Our Mission

Our mission is to restore individuals and families after suffering a loss of a loved one. We want to assist people with navigating through the various stages of grief. Our hope is to provide people with compassion & grace as they journey toward their new normal.

Our Vision

The vision of From Amyia is through acts of service such as authoring books, blogging, life coaching and mentoring that we no longer want to see individuals or families stuck in their pain, we want to see people emerge into a better version of themselves.

Our Purpose

From Amyia was birthed out of the founder’s, Shayna Acree’s, deepest pain. After the sudden and tragic death of her eldest child, Amyia, Shayna took the difficult journey through grief and she wants to give other’s hope on the other side of grief. We all suffer loss in some form, whether its death, divorce or job loss–in life we will lose people and things however, life does not end there. Grief has the ability to produce growth and can birth purpose and our mission is to help other’s in their journey.

Meet the Founder

Shayna Acree, Certified Life Coach
Founder of From Amyia
CEO of Shayna Acree & Associates, LLC.


Shayna Acree

Founder & CEO

Shayna Acree is an author and Certified Life Coach, specializing in assisting people journey through the different stages of grief and loss. Shayna believes in creating a safe space for people to navigate through grief and loss and assisting people with "Finding Their New Normal". Through her own experience with the loss of her daughter, Amyia, Shayna has developed the tools to assist people through their process of grief and helping her clients avoid becoming stuck in their pain.