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Do You Pray for Your Squad?

Your squad is essential to your walk and purpose in life. We all want the squad goals, but do we pray for our squad? Do we ask God to prepare our hearts and to send the people we are suppose to be connected to; either for a season or for a lifetime. The prayers are to ensure we are in proper alignment for the season which we are in, to provide us with discernment and wisdom. Our squad should always empower us, challenge us and encourage us.

Community Not Competition

There are no adversaries in the squad.

The squad is essentially a community, though we are individuals with our own sets of goals, our commonality should always be to encourage, inspire and challenge. We should never be in competition or comparing ourselves against each other.

Competition seeks rivalry and rivalry will dismantlement the friendship. As long as competition exists there will be a constant battle to compete. If the focus is who has the best job, kids, home, spouse or even sob story then the foundation of the squad is unstable.

Our friendship should be life giving and sharing one another’s burdens without the burden of a potential competition.

Down Like Four Flats on a Cadillac: The Seasons of the Squad

The season of the squad carries weight as well. Many of us have made lifetime commitments to seasonal friendships. We experienced the community of the friendship and how empowering it was, not understanding that we all experience different levels of growth and life can and will change dramatically for each of us. With growth and change can cause the individuals in the squad to go in separate directions.

This does not mean that the squad a huge fallout where feelings were hurt, it means that people’s lives and priorities change. Becoming a wife or a mother, following one’s passion or even being an entrepreneur can create distance in the friendship.

As one preacher put it, we on the connecting flight to Atlanta Hartsfield Airport but in order to get to our proper destinations I had to get on a flight headed to Dallas and my friend had to get on a separate flight headed to Chicago.

We have to discern the season of the individuals in our lives to ensure that we are not making lifetime goals with seasonal people.

Are You Guarded Against Your Assigned Squad?

When we’ve been hurt by someone our automatic defense is to protect ourselves. That defense mechanism can be in different forms one is isolating ourselves from any future hurts.

We have all faced betrayals, rejections and dishonesty as it relates to friendships, and those harsh realities can lead us to building a wall around ourselves in order to protect ourselves but this defense mechanism only leads to isolation.

The pain and fear from being hurt by those we once called  friends is not an invitation to isolate ourselves but an opportunity to first seek God, His wisdom, healing and forgiveness. If we don’t we open the door to healing and forgiveness fear will leave us paralyzed, stuck, isolated and bitter. Remaining bitter should never be an option, in order to move forward we have to change our perspective; though the betrayal of a friend is painful, they also made room for a “better” you and “better” friends to enter into your life.

To conclude, remember with any squad we are not in competition we are in community so check your motives and your heart. Our squad should not only challenge us but  also empower and inspire us. The seasons of a squad could be a lifetime or a season but use Godly wisdom to avoid making long term decisions with short term people. Also, when a betrayal in the friendship happens do not allow the event to put you insolation or make you bitter. Change your perspective in order to become a better person with a better squad.

Are you praying for God to send you the squad? Have you prayed for the people who will be connected to as well as praying for yourself? If you haven’t I want to challenge you to do that today. Write out a prayer with scripture for your current squad or future squad.