Your Divine Purpose

As God’s chosen people we all have a special assignment, a mission to accomplish, and a call to a divine purpose which is to bring honor and glory to His name. God designed us for a specific calling, however, due to a lack of belief in ourselves or our current circumstances we place more trust in the “world” than in God’s word. The heavy burdens of our mistakes, the label of statistics and stereotypes, and worse the powerful detrimental words spoken over our lives from other people carries, more weight and authority over who we were originally created to be.

Throughout my life I have fallen short so many times and completely missed the mark. I allowed my fear and insecurity hinder me from becoming the woman God originally created me to be, I also allowed the words of others hold me back as well. Instead of trusting in the vision that was placed in my heart, I bowed down to other people’s thoughts for my life. However, what I have begun to realize is that usually ideas, visions and missions from God don’t make sense, and in order to make sure that His mission is accomplished we have to have “crazy faith” to walk through the doors that He opens.

God picked a woman who had a baby at fourteen for a divine purpose. It is not my place to ask why or to say, God I think you chose the wrong person, pick someone else? He wanted me and because we serve a God who does not favor person, He chose you too. What is it that He is asking you to do? Or what is He asking you to become?

The people who saw me at fourteen and pregnant could only see a statistic, they placed me in a box and labeled me everything but who God said that I was, all they saw was my circumstances but God saw beyond that, because He is the author and the finisher. Being fourteen and pregnant was not easy on myself or my family however, I believed I was called to more than my current circumstances and the labels which were placed upon me. I desired more for my daughter and myself and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that higher was calling. When no one else saw my worth and my gifts God did. The desires He placed in my heart to show and prove that no matter the circumstances and obstacles I faced I could overcome anything.

No matter what you have faced in your life you are an overcomer, but it takes faith and perseverance to fulfill the purpose God has for your life. We are meant to be vessels for the Kingdom of God and to demonstrate to others that no matter what the current circumstances higher is calling, even when we make poor decisions God can turn the decision around to work it out for our good. Romans 8:28, And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose, KJV.

If God has placed a desire in your heart and He is calling you to come to a higher place; take the call. The road is long and hard at times, but the results are always worth it. People may not be able to see your purpose but if you have a desire, if you can see yourself executing those goals and dreams then it doesn’t matter what other people may think. Your steps are ordered by His grace not anyone’s opinion. He has the highest authority; He can influence anyone to see your divine light, and He can send anyone to help you as well as open the doors to your destiny.  Despite who your parents are, the lack of love you had, your zip code, the trials you have faced or the suffering you have endured, the simple words are: “But God”. There is nothing in this world stronger than the power of God, and there is no one in this world who has higher authority than Him. He loves you, despite what you may think or feel, and the plans that He has for your life is greater than you can imagine or dream of. Therefore, take the steps of faith and move toward the purpose He placed within you. decide today, to no longer stay stuck in the cycle of fear, disappointment or worry. Allow me to end with this question, is there anything too hard for God?